Leading schools successfully against the odds 

Joanna Madalińska-MichalakUniversity of Łódź, Poland 




This paper presents the indings obtained from the Polish part of the Leading Schools Successfully in Challenging Urban Context: Strategies for Improve- ment project, which involves a nine country partner- ship between higher education institutions and thirty six schools in disadvantaged urban contexts. The pa- per consists of two main parts. The irst part gives the overview of the project and presents the methodolog- ical approach used in the research. In the second part, the underpinning areas of inquiry are: What do the re- searched successful leaders have in common? What do most of the researched successful school leaders do? What kind of people become the researched suc- cessful school leaders? The answers to these questions are given on the basis of the preliminary indings.


Keywords: successful leadership, school im- provement, good practice, challenging schools 



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