A head teacher's participation in a network as a way to educational leadership in schools

dr Danuta Elsner, Poland





A cooperation and self-education network as well as educational leadership are relatively new terms in the Polish educational system, just becoming generally accepted. Each of them is a central category of a separate national project implemented by a different team. Therefore, perhaps, it is possible to lose sight of the fact that these terms have a lot in common and that a successful implementation of the former in the teacher training system might considerably influence the effective introduction of the latter in school practice.


I will attempt to depict here what links these terms. And although inevitably I have to refer to the substantive content and organizational solutions of the above mentioned projects, my deliberations will be focused on the values underlying both the networks and educational leadership. Therefore, I will base my deliberations on an axiological ground, since this is where I can find the most similarities between the terms. The objective of this article is to present them and to make both the project executors and its beneficiaries aware of them. 


Key words: cooperation and self-education networks, educational leadership, values



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