Menagement for leadership — educational implications for higher education 

Agnieszka Cybal-Michalska, University of Poznań, Poland




The discourse presented in this article is focused on the subjects of leadership and management, as well as relationships between these two. This discourse requires the inclusion of multi-con- textual changes of the neoliberal world which make leaders face new requirements. The most important requirements are: the increasing role of leadership, management for leadership. The accumulated values that create management and leadership competences and the values that are useful in their formation and development make up leadership career capital and manage- ment career capital – and even management for leadership career capital. The arguments put forward in this article show that there is a need to generate new attitudes that will go beyond the boundaries determined by partial paradigms so that they are relevant to the dynamics of chang- es in the contemporary world and to the chal- lenges that effective leadership, or even man- agement for leadership, have to face these days

Keywords: management, leadership, man- agement for leadership