Review by Joanna Madalińska - Michalak, University of Łódź, Poland
Marco Snoek, Developing Teacher Leadership and its Impact in Schools, Amsterdam


Building on his previous writing on teach- ers, school improvement and teacher educa- tion Marco Snoek proposes to focus on teacher leadership that is considered in the contempo- rary literature as one of the key factors for in- novation and quality improvement in schools. Marco Snoek's book focuses on two main research questions, which can be formulated as follow: "What learning arrangements are effec- tive in supporting teachers in developing their leadership qualities? "To what extent and under what conditions can development of these lead- ership qualities impact practices in school?" The key aim of the presented research project was to provide insight into the extent to and ways in which in-service learning arrangements that focus on teacher leadership contribute to teacher development and school development.