A school head teacher in a teacher's perspective - or how teachers perceive head teachers
Aneta Sztuka - Kochanek, Jagiellonian University, Poland


There are numerous ways of describing and understanding the role of school headteachers. One of most important points of view is that of teachers. Their perception, understanding and expectations towards school heads create an important basis for all processes of educa- tional management and leadership in schools and can decide about their effectiveness. That is why it is important to describe understand- ing of school headteachers role from that per- spective. Paper presents results of small scale research carried out with participation of teach- ers from Polish schools. The picture of school head qualities that is emerging from that re- search showing both positive and negative el- ements can be treated as a good basis for de- velopment of school leaders competencies.
Keywords: headteacher, teachers, leader- ship, leadership competencies