The Future is not what it used to be: School Leadership Today for Tommorow's World.

Dr Robin Precey, Canterbury Christ Church University, England 
This article argues that as we move through the twenty first century school leaders need to lead differently to the way many do currently. The future is becoming more unpredictable, uncertain, ambiguous, complex and globalised as each day progresses. This has profound implications for education and what our young people learn in school. If indeed schools are to have credibility and a role in the future changes need to be made to the curriculum, pedagogy and perhaps structure of education. The article focuses in particular on what successful school leaders will need to be like in this environment. Most importantly it advocates the importance of school leadership development and this will be followed up in an article in the next education of this Journal. This will look at tried and tested approaches to equip those who are called to school leadership now and in the future to be able to do their best in ways that really do make a positive difference to young people.

Keywords: leadership, complexity, future, transformational, transformative, learning


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