Challenge of education in diverse environment: a review of literature on. How we understand the diversity in education? 
Joanna Kotlarz, University of Economics, Poland




The purpose of this paper was to answer the question how the concept of diversity can be understood in educational context. As it tried to indicate, basing on literature review, the di- versity notion proved to be very contextual and impossible to close in frames with only one de nition. Educationally adequate understand- ing of diversity and its complexity by school leaders and all others involved in educational processes is a key element when thinking of proper use of diversity potential in supporting developmental processes in schools. It requires but also, on the other hand, allows  exibility in organization of those processes. This kind of  exibility and openness changes the educa- tional perspective and highlights the new role of education which is the promotion of joy of learning and the connection of this process to the individual experiences of all. That is why understanding diversity seems to be one of key elements important for educational leadership.
Keywords: diversity, diversity in education, educational leadership, leadership for diversity