Cooperation in teams of teachers as a factor limiting conflicts in the school environment 

Grażyna Bartkowiak, University of Economics, Poland





The school community, as many other groups of individuals, that is of people with different visions, aspirations and social expectations, is not free from conflicts that consequently affect students, the most important members of the community. 

This paper develops the issue of promoting cooperation in teams of teachers, building an open ambience for teachers' mutual relations and for relations in the entire school community, for sharing knowledge and for giving support. All these have a positive impact on building up school culture and are reflected in students' relations. Such cooperation prevents unnecessary conflicts, limits excessive rivalry and, in consequence, not only does it help fulfill the school's mission but it also raises the quality of life and fosters the development in the entire community (students, teachers, parents, non-teaching staff). 

The empirical part of the paper presents the results of the research carried out in 2014 in a group of 67 teachers from three primary and one secondary school. The respondents were asked to establish the frequency and causes of conflicts among teachers, find and name the barriers inhibiting cooperation in teams of teachers, list advantages of that cooperation and think of possible ways to improve mutual cooperation at their workplace. 

Keywords: conflict, cooperation in the school community