Educational Leadership in Changing Media World. Social media policy as an element of management of educational organization.
Monika Kaczmarek-Śliwińska, Koszalin University of Technology, Poland




The traditional space of media, understood as institutional media (press, radio, television), because of its controlled distribution of information, on one hand, was a limitation for an educational institution and on the other hand, guaranteed the content of the messages that appear around the school and concern it. With the development of information technologies, the mode of content distribution has changed as well – the previous receivers of information may now become its senders and the educational institutions may create their own media. In these conditions, an educational leader should have the awareness and competencies of managing the institution's communication to assure its image and reputation. These competencies should have the preventive function in crisis management. Among other things, the rules and regulations of the institution, formalized in the form of a Social Media Policy, may be helpful so it is important for the leader to have the competency of creating the rules that would indicate the desired and undesired behaviours in the institution in the space of new media, social media in particular.


Keywords: educational leadership, media world, social media


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