Preparing School Leadership for this: Developing Twenty First Century Leaders (Part 2)

Robin Precey, Canterbury Christ Church University, England

This article builds on another in the previous issue of “Contemporary Educational Leadership” entitled: The Future is not what it used to be: School Leadership Today for Tomorrow’s World (Part 1). In that article a case was made for a different approach for leadership to the prevailing managerial norm, one which enables schools to prepare its students more effectively for life now and in the future. Such leadership needs to be developed and this article outlines the ways in which this can happen using on a transformative learning framework based on what we know about adult learning. The framework has been used and tested in a number of differing international contexts. Used well it offers a cohesive, coherent approach to planning, preparing, facilitating and evaluating the impact of programmes that seek to develop highly effective school leaders.


Keywords: leadership development, complexity, future, transformational, tranformative, learning


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