School culture perceived by Polish teachers
Wiesław Poleszak,  University of Innova on in Lublin, Poland


The  ndings presented in this article are an element of the international GLOBE research (Global Leadership and Organizational Be- havior Effectiveness Research Program). The GLOBE model may be used to assess culture on many levels, including individual and regional ones. An overview of wide international research allows to indicate transnational aggregations characterized by similar organizational culture. The purpose of the research was to obtain data on institutional culture exempli ed by management practices and leadership percep- tion in various school environments in Poland. The  ndings were compared with the results of the research on cultures within higher edu- cation institutions and organizational cultures from other countries. The implications com- ing from the research depict the perception of a leader's pro le and of school culture which is a signi cant factor for succeeding in di- versi ed educational environment. Further- more, the essential objective of the research was to indicate Polish teachers' expectations regarding school culture and school leader. The research was conducted on the group of 247 randomly selected teachers (from various educational levels as well school types) in Po- land, with the GLOBE questionnaire applied.
Keywords: school culture, leadership, teachers