Theory-practice relations: the views   of school administrators
Mualla Aksu, Türkan Aksu & Gülnar Özyıldırım, Akdeniz University, Turkey




This study aims at determining the views of school administrators concerning theory- practice relations. This is a qualitative research with a phenomenological design. Ten participants were chosen through homogeneous sampling technique. A semi- structured interview form was used for collecting data. Descriptive and frequency techniques were used for data analyses. Results show that administrators try to benefit from theories in their daily practices despite all the disadvantages of a very centralized system in Turkey. Administrators mostly complain about frequent system changes generated by the political interferences and superiors' distance from theory due to their lack of knowledge. Main implications of this study include contribution of theoretical knowledge to the practice at both top and local administrative level and the clear need for bridging theory and practice in Turkish education system.


Keywords: school administrator; theory-practice relation; phenomenological design; qualitative research



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